Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Essays For Hope project is expanding ...

Just a quick note to all writers that the Essays For Hope project is now open for submissions on an ongoing basis. This is a great way to use your words to help raise money for some very worthy causes. Its in the very early stages and is currently a one woman show ... but hopefully with the help of a bunch of great writers to help fill the pages of these books, this project will be able to make a difference if even in just a small way. Check out http://essaysforhope.webs.com/

Here is some information on what the current topics of books are:

The Mommy Life
A collection of essays written by Moms for Mom's.
Even though many know you only as your kids mom, we all have a name and an identity! We all have the same basic needs to fill, but how we do it is as unique as who we are. These are the stories of who you are, your hopes and dreams, who you are inside.

All proceeds go to http://becauseiamagirl.ca/ and http://plan-international.org/

First volume to be released - Summer 2012

(Original Plan for Book 1 and Book 2 have been combined into 1 volume, The Mommy Life)

European Survival: those who lived to tell about life and death in WW2 Europe

This is for anyone who is a survivor of World War 2 or had family/friends who lived through the war in a country torn apart by the war. I am looking for stories of those who lived through it as a civilian, how they survived,what they gave up and lost to do so, and how they went on to live life when the war ended.

These stories should never be forgotten.

First volume to be released - Fall 2012

This collection has very special meaning to me as I would not be here today if my grandfather had not made it through 5 unbearable years in Holland, I want to celebrate his story and the thousands of others who beat unimaginable odds and to make sure younger generations still know what happened.

The money raised from this collection will go to Room To Read http://www.roomtoread.org/

The World According to Daddy

A collection of essays written by Dad's for Dad's.
Everyone expects you to be the man of the house; to provide and protect. How do you do it and what makes you your kid's Dad!

All proceeds go to http://www.heartandstroke.com/

First volume release date - 2012


A collection of essays written about Love. There are so many kinds of love and millions of personal experiences. This is a collection that will fill you with all kinds of emotions and stories that you will not want to forget.

All proceeds go to http://www.cancer.ca/

First volume release date - 2012

You Never Stop Learning

A collection of essays about the wonderful journey of lifelong learning. Did you go back to school after many years, do you self-study just to learn new things. What does lifelong learning mean to you?

All proceeds go to http://www.salvationarmy.ca/

First volume release date - 2012

New Edition - Once in a lifetime trips - Title TBD

A collection of essays about once in a lifetime journeys. Did you travel an hour away from home or did it take a week to get there? Did you have an adventure or was it the first time that you could truly relax in years? What prep work and planing went into to making this the trip of a lifetime? What made it unique? What did you learn?

All proceeds go to the Canadian Red Cross

First volume release date - 2012

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