The Stories of Charlie Smart the Frog by Joshua T. Smith

Charlie decides he wants to build a van. He enlists his Dad's help. Together they build a van. Charlie shows it to his class. Everyone is very impressed.                                           

Frog's Van

This is the story of Frog (aka Charlie Smart) and when he meets his new neighbor who moved in just down the street. They found out they had 2 children his age. They had a boy named Steve and a girl named Ryan. They had a sleepover with their new friends.                                           

Joshua T. Smith is a young boy who is an accomplished author as he has written many picture books for the 3 to 5 year old group. The stories are all about a young frog named Charlie Smart, stories are taken from any kids day- to-day adventures.

To best review these cute little books I read Frog's New Neighbor and Frog's Van to my four year old. Her reaction was great. She enjoyed the stories and said that she thought "Charlie was a very nice frog". She liked the pictures because they were bright and colourful. My daughter then said that she would like to read more Frog stories! I think that says it all, if the target likes the books, they are a hit!

A thank-you to Craig Smith for bringing these books to my attention!


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