Kilimanjaro And Beyond: a life-changing journey By Barry Finlay with his son Chris Finlay

Kilimanjaro and Beyond (a Life-Changing Journey)

It is January 16, 2009, and 60 year-old BARRY FINLAY and his son CHRIS are propped against a rock, struggling to draw a breath on their treacherous climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. Their destination is tantalizingly close, yet the weather and -- more importantly -- their health will determine the end result. Barry's backpack holds a Canadian flag with the names of over 200 donors mobilized by the climbers back home. The donors have contributed to providing classrooms and clean water for desperately deserving school children in Tanzania. For Barry, this is a life-changing physical, mental and spiritual adventure. Follow along as he and his son strive to climb one of the World's Seven Summits, meet the children who will benefit from their fundraising, and come to an understanding that one or two people really can make a difference. It is a journey that leaves the two with the lasting impression that nothing is more satisfying than reaching a goal and giving others the opportunity to achieve theirs.

This is such a remarkable story. Just to read about a man at 60 and his son, to decide to climb Mount Kilimanjaro gives you a lot to think about in living life to the fullest and doing things that you may think are beyond your abilities. But then to go and give back to the communities that you visited is totally inspiring. The book is written to not only tell you their story but to entertain. It is a fun inside look into all the preparation that is required to make such a journey and the adventure that takes place when they finally get there.
This book inspired me to not only try and find ways to help Barry’s cause in my own community but to also do things on my own to raise money and awareness for causes I truly believe in. While not all the attempts I make will work, Barry has taught me that if he can achieve what he has done ... I should never give up!
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