Blog Update - Why no new reviews this week ??????

Hi All,

Hope your week is going better than mine.

Just popping in for a minute as I have been pretty much unreachable for the past week and will be most likely for another week (blog, email, social networks, ect). This is one Mommy who has not been able to get online for a bit because DD has caught a VERY nasty bug and while she is slowly on the mend, DS is just getting it :( 

So while I had a minute in between taking care of my babies (and myself as I have the tail end of it too) I wanted to let you all know that I haven't disapeared I am just on a short "sick leave". Too all my readers I will hopefully be back on track by next week. To all the authors who have sent me emails and to those who are waiting for reviews .... I will respond to email as soon as I can ..... but rest assure I am still finding time to read and Memoir Month will happen! I have so many great recomendations and I will tell you all about them later in the month!

And now back to being Dr. Mommy .....

Talk to you soon :)


  1. Hello, found you on a blog hop
    Love the blog!
    could you follow me back?


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