Yesterday's Lies by Terri D.


What Secrets Do You Keep From The One You Share Everything With? Secrets. Lies. Half-Truths. A poignant tale of a circle of close knit friends whose lives are more intertwined than they realize. That is until the blurred lines of Love, Lust and Friendship begins to reveal the half-truths and lies that exist. Will the secrets they all hold from the past ruin their friendship and lives forever?
This is a story of best friends who have the problems that many have - hidden secrets and jealousy, however; maybe theirs are a little bit worse than others! This can be a bad combination especially when men get involved! I did not expect this book to have so many plot twists and I liked that it did because it kept my attention right to the end. The characters were very real and very well developed which helped to complete the package of such a fun read!
If you are a regular reader of urban fiction you MUST read this book. If you read women's fiction you too should take some time to read this book.
Terri D. took some time out of her busy day to join in on the Self-Publishing month interview!

Tell us about yourself. 
I am a single mother of three. I live in Harrisburg, PA. I work as a Director of Applications Development for a national Health Care company.

Tell us about your writing experience. 
I have been keeping journals and writing poetry and short stories since I was a teenager. One summer night in 2010 I was reading a book and an idea for a story came to me and I sat down and starting writing. I stayed up all night and wrote approximately 50 pages that first night. I share what I wrote with a friends and they encouraged me to continue writing to finish the story. 

What led to your decision to self-publish?
I was mentored by another author who self published so I followed her path.

What obstacles did you come across in the process?
Since I have a full time demanding job I found it difficult to find the time to market and get myself out to the public.

Would you / are you planning to self-publish more books in the future?
Yes I have another book which is in progress which is a sequel to Yesterday Lies.

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