Guest Post by Larissa Hinton - Decision Time: Why I Choose Self-Publishing After Years of Denial

Why did I choose to self-publish? When did I rebel against the traditional publishing industry and cried, "No more!"?

Well, this may surprise you, but it only happened because I went to a Creative Writing Class in college to avoid taking a class that I might have failed.
I guess I should back up, huh? In the most basic terms, my senior year in college as an English Education, I would be required to take Senior Thesis.

Now, Senior Thesis is when a student has to read 22 literary novels during the summer, come back to school for a whole year to develop and, eventually, present a 25 page analysis essay then get critiqued by the English professors about your paper.
And yes, it's as horrid as it sounds.

Therefore, you can't blame a girl for trying to avoid it like a disease. And it probably didn't help that the teacher was new to this whole process, didn't take a liking to me and almost flunked me the last time I was in her class.
Obviously, I was rushing around seeking an alternative to this academic torture chamber and an alternative did show up: Creative Writing Senior Thesis.

Not only did I have to write a puny 100 pages (I write that in my sleep!) of creative writing genius, but I only had to read 5 books.

Or so I thought. Not only did I have to deal with a professor who was picky, I had to write a literary creative fiction novel had to be a coming of age story.
So no YA mystery novel for that class.

However, through the trials, I learned quite a bit. One of the most important lessons was about self-publishing.
I know what you're thinking, "So once you heard your professor profess the truth about how self-publishing was spectacular, you jumped in and loved every minutes of it!"

Not exactly.
I was a traditional publishing girl all the way. I stood by it and tall and firm, "I WILL be published traditionally and it WILL happen or I will die trying!"

Well, every semester, my professor would talk about the benefits of self-publishing and I would practically cough out the rebuttal and the benefits of traditionally publishing.

He would give us examples of why he chose to self-pub even though he has an agent and gave us the royalty that authors of self publishing would get versus traditional publishing.
I didn't care. If I was in it for the money, then I wouldn't be writing in the first place.

He showed us his self-pub copy which further validated the reasons as to why I didn't want to self-publish.
The cover was ugly. The layout was terrible. The price was probably too high for a cheaply made book.

Then, in one of his many lectures of self publishing, he brought up how Amanda Hocking journeyed from self publishing to traditional publishing.
I was half listening.

Then he told us how an author (I can't remember the name) who turned down a traditional publishing contract and decided to self-publish.
I was fully listening.

Then he mentioned JA Konrath's blog.

I was hooked.

I checked out his blog and I was instantly started double guessing about traditional publishing. He debunked everything I held near and dear about traditional publishing and it made perfect sense.
But I still wanted to give it a go. I got as far as the Preditors and Editors Agent pages, and everything that JA Konrath said swam before me and I just knew, in that instant, that I wanted to self publish.

It made sense. And I really had nothing else to lose. Besides, I figured it would be a great way to get some exposure for my books and stop begging and pleading for a chance.
I can take it into my own hands. And I have to say it feels damn good.

Despite the ups and downs and twists and turns of self-publishing, I love it. It's almost like this inner business woman was in me the whole time, then when I started to self publish, she came out with the crazy high heels and no nonsense approach. I loved discovering a part of myself that I would have never found if I traditionally published my books. I love shopping for book covers for future books (don't even get me started on that one). I love collaborating with editors to make my books the best that they can be. I love writing with an audience in mind, who are screaming, yelling, cheering for more. I love how determined and stronger I have become as a writer. I love the fact that I feel like a real author who can stand up proud and say that I'm published. I'm just not traditionally published.
And that's okay!

I love it and nobody can take this love away from me.

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