The Golden Sky by EC Stilson

The Golden Sky

Blurb from Goodreads:
"The "death home" gave my son a really nice funeral, the kind I'd never wished to attend. When they tried closing his casket, I nearly fell on my face, not wanting them to shut the lid on my baby.

We lost it after that, totally cemented in our grief. Cade got into drugs, joined a rock and roll band, and even grew out his damn hair. At the time, I was sick of "the oatmeal option" (the only food we had), so I kicked Cade out of the house, and started modeling and working as a diesel mechanic. That was how I met Earl, an old man and unlikely best friend; the "big sag," a middle aged woman who still flashed folks; my neighbor, the stripper next door, and "The Cowboy," a man who fell in love with me.

It was slow at first, but Cade reverted back to the man I'd busked with years before. It wasn't until I killed a rogue skunk, and my daughter nearly choked on a fry, that I gave my husband another chance. But could our marriage recover from the death of our son?"

This is a story every parent should read. This is a story that will be tough and enlightening and one that shows the amazing strength of a mother put into a situation that some might never recover. It is made up of the author's journals and is gripping from the first page to the last.

I love the rawness of the journal, she was only 19 when the book begins and you can see as the journal entries continue how dealing with the death of her newborn leads her on a new path, one that makes her a stronger more independent person. I thought that I would have a hard time reading this as it is a situation that would be my worst nightmare ... but I read the book in only a few days as I could not put it down. I am so impressed with E.C.'s courage and I think she should be very proud of herself for such an accomplishment in getting this book to print!!

I recommend this to everyone, even if you do not have kids, the story is inspiring to anyone trying to overcome the loss of someone they love.

E.C. is now the VERY busy Mom of 4 other children and while doing it all she still found a pocket of time to do this month's Self-Pub interview!!

Tell us about yourself.
I am a writer and stay at home mom. My four kids are a great inspiration and I love writing stories for them. I have my degree (with a counseling emphasis) through the University of Phoenix. In my spare time I enjoy writing, playing the violin, sewing and helping those dealing with grief.
Tell us about your writing experience.
I've always enjoyed writing, but when I was nineteen, that's when it became my passion. I had a little girl and another baby on the way. I had no idea my son had defects and would die. Sometimes I think keeping a journal saved my life through the whole experience.
What lead to you making the decision to publish your journal?
Six years after Zeke died, I struggled with depression. A friend suggested I should reread my journal. I cried through the beginning; I even laughed at some of the silly moments. But what surprised me the most was how much hope I found at the end. Yes, I'd lost a son, but I'd gained so much. I'd seen the joy perseverance can bring. I finally understood what it really means to be married and help someone through good and bad times. Although it felt like it at moments, God had never left me--that's evident in almost every page. I truly saw that after the storm, there was a golden sky and I hoped my story might help others as much as it helped me.
What led to your decision to self-publish?
I had offers from two publishers, but one was very small and the other wanted me to remove the words "damn" and "Hell" from the journal. "Darn it, my son died" just couldn't convey what I needed it to. Plus, this is Zeke's story. I wanted it to be the way I knew he'd want it--raw and real. To do that completely, I decided to hire editors, start a publishing business and do things myself. I worked so hard for years, I even got endorsements from two well-known authors (Bob Deits and Pamela D. Blair). In the end, self-publishing was the right choice for me.
What obstacles did you come across in the process?
I had to get consent from everyone whose name is used in the journal. Many people weren't okay with their real names being used, so I changed them. Also, several family members and friends haven't approved of me sharing my life with the world. But so many amazing things have happened recently, those people are starting to be more supportive. 
For example, the day my journal came out, I left a copy of it in a box on Zeke's grave. I romantically hoped someone would find it and read it. People thought I was being silly. But last month, right before Christmas, a woman contacted me on facebook. She had found my book on Zeke's grave, read it and said it changed her life. I felt like Christmas came early. If my journal accomplishes nothing else, I'm so very happy it helped at least one other person.
Would you / are you planning to self-publish more books in the future?I have two books coming out this year. "Bible Girl" the prequel to "The Golden Sky" is coming out in April. My YA fantasy "The Sword of Senack," is coming out in March. I'm really excited for 2012, it's already shaping into an amazing year.
Thanks so much E.C.!

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