Release Date Review - Catching The Eagle By Karen Charlton

Released Today December 8 2011 by Knox Robinson Publishing

Easter Monday, 1809: Kirkley Hall manor house is mysteriously burgled. When suspicion falls on Jamie Charlton, he and his family face a desperate battle to save him from the gallows.

When £1,157 rent money is stolen from Kirkley Hall, it is the biggest robbery Northumberland has ever known. The owner sends for Stephen Lavender, a principal officer with the Bow Street magistrate’s court in London, to investigate the crime. Suspicion soon falls on impoverished farm labourer, Jamie Charlton, and the unpopular steward, Michael Aynsley.

Jamie Charlton is a loving family man but he is hot-tempered and careless. As the case grows against him, it seems that only his young brother, William, can save him from an impending miscarriage of justice.

But William is struggling with demons of his own. Desperate to break free from the tangled web of family ties which bind him to their small community, he is alarmed to find that he is falling in love with Jamie’s wife.

Set beneath the impenetrable gaze of a stray golden eagle whose fate seems to mirror that of Jamie's, Catching the Eagle, the first novel in the Regency Reivers Series, is a fictionalised account of a trial that devastated a family and divided a community.

This is a historical piece that takes you back to early 1800's England. It shows just how unfair and scary life could be if you said or acted in the wrong way. It is an authentic look at the lives the people lived and the justice system in place. The use of dialogue fits perfectly with the setting and shows that the author knows the time well and did a great deal of research. The story draws you in right away and I suggest this for anyone looking for a new historical fiction series, as this is a first in what I assume are many more to come.

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