Sunday, December 11, 2011

One new addition to Essays For Hope

So I have decided to launch one more topic for the Essays for Hope collections.

This is for anyone who is a survivor of World War 2 or had family/friends who lived through the war in a country torn apart by the war. I am looking for stories of those who lived through it as a civilian, how they survived,what they gave up and lost to do so, and how they went on to live life at the war ended. These stories should never be forgotten.

I would like to have this released on May 8th to commemorate V.E. Day.

This collection has very special meaning to me as I would not be here today if my grandfather had not made it through 5 unbearable years in Holland, I want to celebrate his story and the thousands of other who beat unimaginable odds and to make sure younger generations still know what happened.

The money raised from this collection will go to Room To Read
I believe that a better education now means better problem solving in the future, which is why I think that this is a great organization.

Submissions now open.
Close date Feb 1 2012

Max 15 pages per story.


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