Married To Murder Blog Tour Review

I recently was invited to join the Blog Tour for Jennifer Oberth's first short story in the Ella Westin Mystery series.

Here is the description from Smashwords:

The soon-to-be Mrs. Ella Westin doesn't remember adding 'solve a murder' to her bridal to-do list but when she stumbles over the dead body of her matron of honor, it looks like she'll have no choice. Especially as her groom is the one and only suspect. Throw in bad weather, a deaf hairdresser, a ruined wedding cake and a not so retired pirate and it's enough to make Ella want to throttle everyone in sight. Can she catch the killer before the wedding is called off? Or will she be Married To Murder?  

This is such a fun story to read and I laughed out loud throughout! Less then 20 pages long (in the e-pub version) I was able to read it while my 2 year old slept and by the end of it had me wanting to read more stories with Ella and her friends. As it is a short mystery the story moves quickly, but the writing is sharp and flows well. The twist in the end surprised me and as an novice sleuth, that does not happen very often, which was very impressive! I highly recommend this story and I am sure Jennifer's other stories are just as enjoyable.

Jennifer was kind enough to add to this post .... so take it away .......

What inspires me to write? I can answer that in different ways (I have!) but today, I’ll focus on my characters. Yes, it’s true; fictional, made up people that I created sometimes inspire me to write.

Joe Westin, of Married To Murder & Honeymoon Homicide fame, is a big draw. You see, Ella is the storyteller in this series. In first person POV, we see the world of the Ella Westin Mysteries (she even gets the title) through her eyes and her thoughts. Sometimes Joe talks to me. “What gives? When is it my time to shine?” (Or the early 19th century equivalent.) And I’m like, “Whoa calm down, there. We see you. We like you.” But I think about him and come up with all sorts of stories or scenes that I wouldn’t otherwise have written.

As strange as it is to admit, I’ve spent more time with Joe than I have with Ella. It’s easy to learn about a character when you’re talking through them so Joe and I will have many conversations without Ella. He’s actually quite interesting.

It’s up to me to find out what makes him tick. Why does he love Ella? What do other people think of their relationship and does he care? Does it bother him that she solves murders? Would he ever try to forbid her? (He gave me a funny look at that question. I assured him I wasn’t crazy, despite our chats.) I have to get to his motivations as much as I do Ella’s. How can he do something so stupid and careless in Toxic Train? (He refused to dignify that with a response.)

Characters come to life and spark a fire under me. One-off characters want a great line. Murderers want their clues and motives hidden. Suspects demand dignity. They’re all a rich tapestry, waiting for their moment on the loom.

And they need me.

Just like having a great conversation with a friend inspires us to action, I’ve gotten many a wonderful pep talk from my characters.

Just don’t tell Ella…

That chick scares me.
Jennifer Oberth is a mystery writer from Chicago. She’s written Married To Murder, (Kindle, Nook) and Honeymoon Homicide, (Kindle, Nook) – 99¢ short story mysteries. You can reach her on her Blog, Twitter and Facebook Page.

Take a look at what else is going on for the tour, use this link to join in the fun:


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