Gift Pick - Scags at 7 by Deborah Emin

Scags at 7 Cover

The year is 1958, and in a middle-class suburb of Chicago we find Scags about to begin her summer vacation. It would be a perfect time except that her best friend, Julia, is about to leave for summer camp. After Julia leaves, Scags thinks the most difficult challenge of her summer will be making a new friend. But slowly, she notices strange things beginning to happen to her Pops. Pops, her father and favorite adult, is not the same and her mother and grandparents are speaking in hushed tones. As her relationship to her Pops changes from trusting and caring to frightening and unexpected, what begins as an innocent summer vacation quickly transforms into a roller coaster ride of actions, emotions, and trying to understand the inexplicable behavior of adults.

I really enjoyed reading this book and by the end I wished I was able to think and see the world as a 7 year old again. This is an honest story told with the honest views of a child.

It is so well written that it would be easy to read in one sitting if you have the time!

Scags is the kid next door that would tell you stories that would keep you interested for hours. All I can say is ... this kid has spunk!

The writing is clever and takes you back to the days of Davy Crockett hats and summers spent playing outside all day. When I put the book down it took a second to re-adjust to reality. When that happens to me, I know I have a great book in my hand!

When you finish the book a dark turn has been taken and you wonder how things will turn out for this little girl, luckily you can just start the second installment that has just been released - Scags at 18.

I will recommend this to ANYONE looking for a good story!

You can get a hold of both Scags at 7 and Scags at 18 at
and watch out for more installments to come!

I thank Deborah for the copies of each book!

Look out for a full review of Scags at 18 in January!
Scags at 18 Cover


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