Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Calling All Writers ... (Essays for Hope)

Just a quick note to let you all know about a new project I am working on. I am going to be publishing two collections of essays for publication in early May 2012.

What I am looking for is other writers to submit there essays so that these can be diverse and well rounded books. I am looking for great writing and great true stories!

Book 1 - The Woman Behind the Mommy

A collection of essays written by Mom's for Mom's.
These are the stories of who you are, your hopes and dreams, who you are inside.
Even though many know you only as your kids mom, we all have a name and an identity!

All proceeds go to

Book 2 - A Day in the Life of a Mother

A collection of essays written by Mom's for Mom's.
We all have the same basic needs to fill, but how we do it is as unique as who we are.

All proceeds go to

So here is the fine print: (very simple)

1. Open for submissions from today until Jan 15th.
2. Decisions will be made by Feb 29th. All final.
3. Max 10 pages single spaced.
4. No payment for essays as this is for charity, that said you maintain all rights to your work and in a short bio you can include backlinks to you websites/blogs/amazon pages/ect.
5. Even if your work is not included I will post as many as possible on the website for the books (site in progress)

Email me at with any submissions and/or questions.


  1. So, its only moms you are looking forward to receiving essays from? Nothing from their daughters can find place in this compilation?

  2. Hi, I am very interested in submitting an essay for one or both of your books. Do they have to be newly written or can they be something I already wrote but just added/revised?

  3. At the moment these two collections are written by Mom's. I am sure that later I could do a daughters collection!

    I would like the essays to be specifically written for these collections. Once published you could use the essay anywhere you like.