Getting to Print ... a new way

I recevied an email about an author last week that peeked my interest. He was not looking for reviewers or for blog tour stops. He was not even looking to promote a release date. This self-publishing author is just trying to get his book into print and he is taking an interesting approach in financing it. His name Luke Bessy, the book Miss Chu's Story Time.

Luke has posted a request on, he is trying to raise $3500 before December 13th for the cost of printing 1000 copies of his picture book. is a website that allows users to promote projects that they are trying to fund in music, film, art, technology, design, food, publishing and other creative fields. The site connects them with those who are willing to help finance the project.

So far he is at $935 with 20 days left to go. The book is up on its facebook page!/MissChusStoryTime

Here is the synopsis:
Miss Chu's Story TIme is a delightful illustrated children's book about an eccentric and quirky story teller. This book was inspired by the Waldorf community in Boulder, CO. Waldorf philosophy is centered around folklore and the importance of creativity and the imagination. Miss Chu's Story Time aims to bring these important tenets into homes everywhere.
Miss Chu's Story Time is told from the perspective of a little girl who joins Miss Chu on her wild adventures. Miss Chu visits several classic stories from an exciting new angle. Referenced stories include classics like The Three Little Pigs, Green Eggs and Ham, Cinderella, Where The Wild Things Are, The Cat in the Hat, The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, and many more.
Children's books have two groups of readers - kids and story tellers. This book is aimed at both groups. Kids love this book because its fun, crazy, and they have a chance to guess what story is being referenced by Miss Chu. This book is also extremely important for adults because it challenges the story teller to be more creative when delivering a story. It emphasizes the importance of bringing stories to life, so that the children will be immersed so deeply in the story that it will affect their moral development and help build their character. This total engagement with the story also gives children a chance to "try on" different personalities on their journey to finding out who they are meant to be.
I read the story to my kids and they loved it.

I hope Luke gets these copies to print as I can say from a Mom's point of view the story will be a hit with the little ones! My 4 year old loved being able to pick out the different stories mentioned and my 2 year stopped running around while I read (that is a miracle in itself).

Luke plans to distribute them himself and already has the YMCA's in his area on board allowing him to set up booths. I think we will all one day know of Miss Chu's story time antics!

Check out Luke on kickstarter at


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