Daughters Of Iraq By Revital Shiri-Horowitz


Daughters of Iraq is the story of emigration of a Jewish family from Iraq to newly-established Israel as experienced by two sisters: Violet,whom we learn about through a diary she kept after being diagnosed with acritical illness, and through Farida, whose personality unfolds through her relationship with her new surroundings and her new life. Violet’s daughter, Noa, a student in her twenties in the late twentieth century, also has a prominent voice in the story. Noa embarks on a spiritual quest to the past, so that she can learn how to build her life in the present and for the future. While each of the three women is struggling with her own issues, they are all looking for the same thing: happiness. They share a strong sense of family and of their deep roots, and are all inextricably linked to each other.

I am so happy that I was invited to join in on the blog tour for Daughters Of Iraq. This book takes the reader on a journey through a period of history that many did not know existed. After the Second World War the world began to learn about the torture European Jews had to endure. But how much do we know about those Jew's living in the Middle East around the same time. They too ended up being pushed out of there homes and many escaped to Israel, including the characters in this book.

This book makes you think, love, laugh, and cry. I felt like I was truly entering there world and making friends with them all. The storytelling is captivating and left me wanting to follow Noa further as she discovered things about her family's past forcing her to deal with present issues.
As you read the book the characters become more and more real. The story reminds you that while you may not always know everything about your family's past the one thing you can be sure of is the love they have for each other, even if it is not always so obvious.

I really enjoyed this book and I think it is a must read for everyone. A true hidden gem.

I always like to know the story behind the books I read and as a busy mom and wannabe writer, I can only imagine the time it takes to write a story that requires so much attention to historic accuracy. This book was written by a mother of 4 boys, that alone is a full time job! In her own words Revital tells us how she did it:

Motherhood was a dream come true for me. Complicated pregnancies included long bed rests, early painful contractions (starting at 22 weeks) and also four complicated Caesarians surgeries. But I must admit I am a very stubborn person. If I were not, I would have never had four boys. Doctors begged me to give up the idea of having a fourth child. Some of them suggested I must have lost my mind. I already had three healthy boys, so why play with fire? But I insisted. I did not feel my family was complete without a fourth child, so I took the risk (and the pain), and had a fourth child. It was the longest pregnancy, with lots of pain and fears, but it ended up great. My husband and I are blessed with four boys ages 18, 15, 12 and 8. 
Being stubborn is the key to my writing too. Nothing really comes easily. There is always the dream, the goal, how eager you are to have your dreams come true, and then the very hard work, and mainly never giving up.
I started writing my first novel at the age of 35. Before that I never thought that I would ever write a novel. I did not even imagine that it would be published in two languages (Hebrew and English), and would be read all over the world. Just thinking of it gives me the chills. I feel like the luckiest person on earth.
I blog in Hebrew and in English, and I am working on a second novel. (Hope to be done by next summer). My novels I write in Hebrew, my first language. It is easy for me to dream in Hebrew, write in Hebrew and laugh in Hebrew. The rest of the things in life I can also do in English.

It is always hard to find the time to write, as it is hard to find the peace of mind to do so. I have an extremely busy life, with three out of four boys having learning disabilities, and all boys have asthma and allergies. But writing is the power of my soul. If I do not write I get nerves… Writing is like fuel for me. I need it just to be able to be strong and good to the people around me.
Be blessed where ever you are. Love, Revital


Please comment below on how you still find time to do the things you love while raising kids ... and enter to win a copy of Daughters of Iraq.

In one week, Revital will pick a winner of this book!

Available in any ebook format or as a paper copy. Also available in English or in Hebrew. Let us know the format and language when we contact you about winning. We will ship a copy anywhere in the world.

For the Giveaway Grand Prize: Everyone who comments is eligible to win a lovely book by Mama Nazima, Jewish Iraqi Cuisine (http://www.amazon.com/Mama-Nazimas-Jewish-Iraqi-Cuisine/dp/0781811449/). Revital will pick a lucky winner at the end of November 2011. She will ship the book anywhere in the world. Good luck!


  1. Wow, you are very determined, I just read about your quest to have 4 boys!! God bless.....

  2. I usually wake up before everyone else does in my home and sip a nice cup of coffee and catch up on some reading :)

  3. I don't have kids yet myself..But I did enjoy your review. Thanks for posting =D

    Trev @ trevsliteraryreview.blogspot.com

  4. Amazing! I'm far from pregnant as I am not yet married. But I could already imagine how I would do it. For one, I will have to give up a couple of things, such as my full time job and go into part-time teaching, which I am currently engaged in now. But I won't give up blogging and writing, that's for sure. I have a lot of nieces and nephews so I understand that nothing beats being there with your kids as they grow up as much as possible.

    Daughters of Iraq, by the way, reminds me of The Last Time I saw Mother by Arlene Chai. Daughter of Iraq sounds more poignant, though.

  5. I have three busy kids and have been a freelance journalist for 15 years. Working from home allows me to write whenever I get a break, even it's just 15 minutes.I also write every morning while my kids are at school, no exceptions! Over the last three years, I wrote a YA historical fiction novel about a 1903 pogrom in Kishinev, Russia, that led to the exodus of thousands of Russian Jews to China, the U.S. and Canada. Called Rachel's Secret, it will be published by Second Story Press in the spring, 2012.

  6. Well, to be fair, my daughter is now 19...but my husband has always been an enabler when it comes to my being able to be as active as I am within the breast cancer advocacy community, as I also have a full time job and always have...

  7. Revital Shiri-HorowitzOctober 29, 2011 at 2:48 AM

    Thanks for the great review and interview!

    Best, Revital

  8. Great reviews!
    Following you on GFC.
    Happy Birthday!
    Pam from MBS

  9. I would love to read this! thanks for the giveaway and I'm a new follower. Love the blog name!


  10. Sounds like an interesting book by a very interesting author. I love to read all types of books. May have to check this one out! New follower.

  11. The Giveaway is over and through a random drawing the winner is ........ marlibu!!


    Thanks everyone for leaving comments.

    marlibu, I have sent you an email.

  12. Congratz to Marlibu for winning a copy of my book "Daughters of Iraq"! Hope you will enjoy reading.

    Best, Revital


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