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Daughters Of Iraq By Revital Shiri-Horowitz

Daughters of Iraq is the story of emigration of a Jewish family from Iraq to newly-established Israel as experienced by two sisters: Violet,whom we learn about through a diary she kept after being diagnosed with acritical illness, and through Farida, whose personality unfolds through her relationship with her new surroundings and her new life. Violet’s daughter, Noa, a student in her twenties in the late twentieth century, also has a prominent voice in the story. Noa embarks on a spiritual quest to the past, so that she can learn how to build her life in the present and for the future. While each of the three women is struggling with her own issues, they are all looking for the same thing: happiness. They share a strong sense of family and of their deep roots, and are all inextricably linked to each other.
I am so happy that I was invited to join in on the blog tour for Daughters Of Iraq. This book takes the reader on a journey through a period of history that many did not know exist…

Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop

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Master of the Game - Sidney Sheldon

I had never thought to pick up a Sidney Sheldon novel until a couple of months ago when I was helping a customer to find a particular book. She told me how great his stories were and that the characters seemed so real, even if they turned out to be pretty bad people! I love family saga stories, you know, the ones that follow the same family for generations, and the book my customer was looking for fell into that category. I found the customer her book and found a second copy to look at. I read a few pages at lunch and I was sold! Sadly Mr. Sheldon passed away a few years ago just days before turning 90 years old, but he has left 3 decades of writing behind for all of us to enjoy (not to mention early in his career he wrote for movies and television winning him an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony). Master of the Game was a great introduction and now I have at least another 17 to go!

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She is the symbol of success, the beautiful woman who parlayed h…

A Royal Pain: A Royal Spyness Mystery By Rhys Bowen

Published by Berkley Prime Crime (c) 2008

I had never heard of the Royal Spyness mystery series by Rhys Bowen until I was shelving books at work a couple of months ago. I picked up the book, read the back, and after reading the first 2 pages I bought the book at the end of my shift with the last few bucks I had in my wallet (thank goodness pay day was the next day)!! I do not regret buying this book one bit, it was one of the best books I have read in a very long time.

Here is the synopsis from Rhys Bowen's website :

The Queen of England has concocted a plan in which Georgie is to entertain a Bavarian princess—and conveniently place her in the playboy Prince’s path, in the hopes that he might finally marry.

But queens never take money into account. Georgie has very little, which is why she moonlights as a maid-in-disguise. She must draw up plans: clean house to make it look like a palace; have Granddad and her neighbor pretend t…

Self-Publishing Month: January 2012

Planning ahead to January already ... I will be doing a theme month were I review and speak to authors who have self-published their own work. If you have written a book or know someone who has and they have gone the self-publishing route - contact me at If you would like your work reviewed during my Self-publishing month contact me soon so we can discuss the details! I’ll be posting a cut off date soon.

October is looking good !

This has been a very exciting month for me in books so far this month, and it is only the 3rd!

I have been in contact with a number of authors over the past few weeks and I am in the process of receiving a number of books for me to review, many of whom are currently unknown but hopefully will soon be very familiar to you! I hope to turn this blog into an outlet for new and self-published writers to get the word out about their latest projects!

I also was able to attend a fall preview by Random House yesterday and got to hear all about their new releases for the next few months. They have a great line-up and I hope to be posting some of those reviews over the next few months!

This month I will be posting at least one review a week, and will be hosting my first giveaway as part of the blog tour for "Daughters of Iraq" by Revital Shiri-Horowitz. This is a fascinating novel based on the author's family story that has never before been told. The story is about two Iraqi-Jewi…