First Impression Fridays - Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander (20th Anniversary Edition)

“Twenty years ago, the journey began: Diana Gabaldon swept readers into her mesmerizing world brimming with history, romance, and adventure. To celebrate the series that has captured the hearts of millions, Doubleday Canada will be publishing a special anniversary edition for core Gabaldon fans and new readers alike. Unrivaled storytelling, unforgettable characters, and rich historical detail are the hallmarks of Diana Gabaldon's novels. Here is the story that started it all, introducing two remarkable characters: Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser. A spellbinding novel of passion and history, that combines exhilarating adventure with a love story for the ages, The Outlander takes readers on an unforgettable journey.”

This is how Random House, the publisher of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon describes the book that was just released in a special 20th Anniversary edition on July 5th.  The entire Outlander series has a cult following and those who love it cannot stop talking about it. Over the years I never thought twice about it as I figured it was just some sort of medieval romance which is a genre I just cannot get into. But had I picked it up and actually read the back I would have found out its fascinating twist; a young wife in 1946 is on vacation in Scotland with her husband only to be out on a walk and find herself transported into the 1700’s. So after many customers telling me that it was a must-read I decided that I would use my borrowing privileges and borrow a copy (a great perk of working in a bookstore). I began reading this book on Tuesday night and I am really enjoying it even though I am only 50 pages in. Once the story shifted to the past, the characters (except for Clare who is just beginning to figure out where she is) speak with a thick Scottish accent that would be authentic to those in the highlands in the mid-1700’s, which can be a little difficult when reading, especially if you are tired. But after almost a chapter of this type of dialogue I find I am getting used to it and I will continue reading this book.

My first impression – great story, entertaining scenes, I may have to buy the paperback edition because this hardcover edition is very heavy to carry around but great if you are a collector.


  1. Sounds interesting. I did like the Outlander movies. I'd probably have a hard time with the accents too, and have to read the same sentence a few times before getting it. ;)
    I'm now following you!

  2. I've been recommended this book but I can't decide if I should read it or not.

  3. Hi! I found you on book blogs, I'm your new follower, I just had to write a comment about this wonderful book and series, I've read a listened to all the books in this series, and I absolutely loove it! Enjoy!!

  4. The Outlander series is one of my favorites. They are quite chunky. The only pitfall of the paperbacks in my experience is that they do fall apart because they are so big. I am in search of the hard cover copies myself.

  5. I picked up this book because I was looking forward to a good science-fiction/fantasy novel set in the Scottish highlands of yore. The story took entirely too long for any real action to take place. The characters are weak. Gabaldon tries to give us descriptions of her characters to the point that we can actually feel we know them and would know how they would react. She then ruins it by having them respond in ways that do not fit with our previous knowledge. She does do a good job of transliterating the Scottish pronunciation in the appropriate accent however. The descriptions of the scenery are poor and she gives us no understanding of the whereabouts of the characters. I found the story to be uninteresting and slow to develop.


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