Book Addict and Proud

I am a busy mom of two preschoolers and a complete book addict! I love to read and I love to write. My favourite past time as a kid was trips to the library and as I got older and started earning my own money trips to bookstores became a weekly event. I was lucky enough that during my late teens my best friend had also developed a love of books that was almost as obsessive as mine. This was during the era of the introduction of bookstore superstores. Chapters in downtown Toronto became a favourite and it was pure satisfaction when the stores stated moving into the ‘burbs where we lived! Summer vacation was a time to stock up as all I planned to do was read, read, and read some more.  I could easily spend $50 or more in one trip to the bookstore, and as I went on to graduate from College and work full time that amount only increased. It is probably a good thing that there was no online shopping back then!

Once I had kids the book buying came to a halt a little faster than I had expected, at the same time I had some obstacles in the way of me and the library – crying newborn, then when DD was old enough I was pregnant again and the walk was too much, then a second crying newborn. Last summer we finally got in a good groove for a few months, making weekly visits, but each week I noticed that my kids were getting a little louder and moving a little more, until one morning my son refused to stay in the stroller. I let him out and my late bloomer walker (already 17 months) decided this would be the moment that he would no longer need hands or tables to walk and took off running, almost out the front door!  That was the day our trips had to end for a while.

Thankfully my kids, now 2 and 4, are already book lovers and have a huge library of their own, much of it my own childhood collection saved by my Mother. I have made additions here and there but in the past few months their collection and mine has increased dramatically. Why? I am now working part time in the one place I will never grow tired, my neighbourhood bookstore. In less than 6 months I have made so many discoveries of new authors and genres that I had never tried before, I just have had to treat myself (and my kids) from time to time. And you know what else is just as fun ... talking to other booklovers. I have learned so much from both my co-workers and customers. I get such a thrill at introducing people to new books that they may not have picked up otherwise and later find that the book is a new favourite for them. Because of this, I have decided to keep this blog. I know firsthand that Mom’s don’t have a lot of time to shop or read or extra cash to spend on something not worth it in the end. I hope that my recommendations give you a place to start to find your next great book!


  1. I love to read!! I have 4 kids 1-6 and love the yada yada prayer group books by Neta Jackson and her house of hope series that follows! LOVE LOVE these books! I also love Alexander Dumas. I am your first follower from MBC ! Love it if you visit over at a crafty, healthy , homeschool, etc.. blog


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